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Quality over quantity

We are a dedicated team of builders that focus on quality projects and people. Todd Farrow, the company director will prove his passion for building and delivering a unique experience for all Neo Builds clients. You will deal directly with Todd from the first conversation to handing over the keys. We believe this is in our client’s best interest to always be dealing with the main decision maker of the company. Todd will live and breathe your project with pricing, helping with onsite project management and quality assurance. We prefer to focus on quality projects over quantity and believe having a smaller team allows us to immerse ourselves with your vision and dreams.



We believe in open, honest and constant communication. Todd is always contactable through work hours whether via phone or email.  Neo Build also utilises online project management system called Buildertrend. This software enables us to offer clients an online portal to their project through an app on their phone. This is great benefit if you are unable to get to site every day as our Foreman onsite will create a daily log which outlines what was completed that day with multiple pictures of progress to keep you up to date with the project.

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The numbers

Neo Build utilises construction pricing software which allows us to create very accurate pricing that we deliver to you as a line itemised, transparent estimate or quote. We believe in giving you a realistic quote or estimate that is all inclusive of all aspects required to complete the project. This may mean we are not the cheapest at tendering stage but this approach limits variations and extras costs during construction. Other companies may try to present lower initial quotes or estimates then sting you with extras during construction, which we think is wrong! If variations or extras do arise through the project which could be from design changes or genuine unforeseen circumstances, then these will be communicated at the time and managed financially through a variation schedule that will update your total build costs as we go. This approach keeps your budget front and center.

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Our team is specifically chosen based on skill and attitude and only the best makes the cut. Todd has over 17 years experience as a builder and project manager. Due to many years focusing on the intricacies of Villa restorations through to experience working on the details of high end architectural new builds, his background means he has the skills and abilities to undertake any project. Our Site Foreman follow the same vein as Todd and their attention to detail is second to none. They consistently impress our clients with their 'go beyond expectations' approach.